April Month in Review


May 4, 2020

(1 min read)

Product Development

šŸ“ˆ See analytics for every post

šŸ‘• Add customization features to blogs

šŸ‘Ÿ Lots of page speed optimizations (lighthouse score of 4 to 50)

šŸ’Œ Email notifications on post comments

šŸšØ Add automatic code syntax highlighting

šŸŽ‡ Built v1 of frontpage feed


+ 736 site visitors

+ 50 registered users

+ 29 new posts


Roadmap for May

1. Redesign the dashboard. The UX for managing ones' posts is a somewhat clunky right now, looking to consolidate everything into one place. Here's a preview:

2. Figure out a sustainable pricing model. Option 1 would be to find sponsors for the main feed, meaning the service would stay free for writers and readers alike. Option 2 would be to charge a subscription ~$5/mo for writers to host their blogs on Imprint.

3. Finalize a logo design

4. Integrate topics and follows into the social feed.

5. Publicly launch!!!

That's it for April. Here's to May!

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