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April 5, 2020

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Imprint is a new blogging platform. We built this place to give writers a place to openly share ideas, and to give readers a place where they can dependably learn something new.

Blogging is the foundation of the internet, both symbolically and literally. Blogs represent peoples' ability to share what's on their mind to anyone willing to listen. They're a safe space for writers to teach, and for readers to learn from.

We wholeheartedly love blogging, but weren't content with modern day blogging platforms.

There's WordPress and Ghost, amazing self-hosted solutions. We call these decentralized blogging platforms. They're hosted on your own domain, meaning you own your content and control your audience. Decentralized blogging makes it difficult for writers to find audiences, and it's typically hard for readers to find relevant content. These blogs are all over the internet, and only a few can make it to the top of Google. We also think the setup, maintenance, and server administration are large barriers for those simply looking for a place to express their ideas.

Of course, there's also Tumblr and Medium. We're huge fans of these centralized blogging platforms, because they give writers audiences right out of the box. It takes just a few minutes to start a blog and begin writing your first post. But these platforms limit creators' ability to own their content, and even go to lengths to make content less accessible to readers. We don't like Medium's paywall approach, nor their policy towards not allowing custom domains.

So we built Imprint, a hybrid between decentralized and centralized blogging platforms. Using Imprint, bloggers can comfortably run a blog on their own websites, while having the support and readership of the community we provide. All we ask is that you produce the best content you can, to enrich as many people as possible.

Imprint tackles the flaws of existing platforms with three promises:

  1. Content on Imprint is permanent. We promise to keep your writing on the web, for all to learn from. If the day comes when we can't keep Imprint running, we'll do everything in our power to notify you or keep your content online.
  2. Content on Imprint will be accessible to readers. We want to promote blogs as a source of learning. That means we'll never make content inaccessible to readers, whether that be via paywall or censorship.
  3. You own the content you publish on Imprint. Legally, we don't own your content. We also encourage you to publish on custom domains, since we believe that you should be reaping the benefits of the awesome work you create.

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